I Call This My “Box Of Life”.

I take a bunch of stuff every day: prescription medications, supplements, powders, liquids. It’s a bit of a hassle at home, and even more so when traveling.

But, this box has changed everything. It’s actually from a cleanse my husband did, but that’s another story.

At any rate, the box helps in two ways. First, it makes packing easier. I simply put everything in a compartment, and then drop the whole box in my suitcase. Sometimes I can get it in with my clothes, but on longer trips, I have to carry it in an additional suitcase (called my “Bag of Life”).

Prior to discovering the Box Of Life (BOL), I would have a random assortment of bins, plastic baggies and loose bottles in my suitcase. It never seemed organized and was always a hassle.

The BOL is also very useful once we get to our destination. It helps me keep everything contained and organized. Before the BOL, my stuff would spew all over the counter, making both my family and myself crazy. After the BOL, everything is smooth and good.

There’s more in there than meets the eye. The bins with the pink container are what I call my “smoothie packs” and contain the powders for my morning protein/supplement shake. I simply add the contents of a container to a blender along with unsweetened almond milk, and I’m in business.

You can see the tops of small zip loc baggies in the top left corner. Those are my evening “shake packs” (I ran out of bins). My evening shake contains support for my GI system, immunity and anti-oxidents. I simply add a pack to a small mason jar with unsweetened almond milk, give it a few shakes, and it’s done. Easy.

Also in the top left corner are the dropper bottles for the Byron White formulas I’m currently taking for Lyme Disease.

The bottom left corner contains the liquid hemp oil that is a powerful anti-inflammatory (I’m inflamed).

You can see the daily pill containers in the foreground. One each for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The top right corner contains my digestive enzymes, magnesium powder and a powder called GI Revive, all of which help to keep my gut moving.

There is also a very small mason jar in the center bin – you can just see the silver top. That contains l-glutamine, which a supplement my doctor added just prior to leaving on vacation. Eventually, this will be in my “smoothie packs”, but I generally have difficulty tolerating new medications, so I didn’t want to mix the l-glutamine in with everything else in case it gave me a problem. So, I am adding it to my smoothie separately, and am slowly working my way to the recommended dose (which is always the way I need to do it – I can’t ever start right at the dose).

So, that’s pretty much it. It’s obviously a lot more work and hassle than not having to do all these things, but certainly much easier than it used to be.

And for that, I am grateful.

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