Seat 13D, Kombucha and Me.

We are on vacation. And while it’s a nice break from the realities of home, chores and winter, my reality always includes Lyme Disease regardless of where I am.

My daily life includes an extensive regimen of pills, powders, liquids, detox therapies, food prep, meditation and doctor visits. Combined, all these things help me feel relatively ok.

But it’s a lot to take on the road.

So when we travel, I try to make it as easy on myself as possible. The more of my routine I can maintain, the better I will feel, but only if the effort of it all doesn’t make me crazy.

In this case I was lucky to find Kombucha at the airport (I’m supposed to drink a bottle per day to put good bacteria in my gut). My daily Kombucha is important to me, but not so much so to make me want to try and finagle it through security. So, finding it on the other side was a happy surprise, but not anything I was planning or stressing about.

The unappetizing looking mason jar contains powders that help with GI function, energy and immunity (and it tastes better than it looks). I simply put the powder in the jar before leaving home, and then added water once we were on the other side of security. Piece of cake.

I decided to give myself a “supplement holiday” on our travel day, and it was nice not to have to juggle a jillion pills while en route (although, I did take the things that are absolutely essential for me, such as thyroid medication, anti-Lyme medication, and digestive enzymes).

We are staying in a house with a full kitchen, so I will be sticking to my Paleo diet, although I have been indulging in a few non-Paleo items, and I’ve quite enjoyed it. A nice break from the routine.

And that’s how I’ll bump along this week. Mostly sticking to my program while also taking a few liberties. That’s what vacation means for me. I’m grateful to be here, and grateful to feel well enough to get outside the lines a little bit.

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