Paleo Resources

Google is your friend for Paleo cooking. Simply insert the word “Paleo” in front of whatever you would like to make, and you will be rewarded with a host of options. I do it all the time, and have rarely been unable to find what I’m looking for.

Additionally, I have a few go to resources. I’m very selective about the blogs I follow, and these have all made the cut. I look for bloggers that have a long track record, test their recipes before publishing them, and feature photos. (I want evidence the recipe works before investing in it). I also look to see how true they are to the Paleo diet. There is a fairly broad interpretation of what Paleo means, so I try to stick to the bloggers that keep mostly to the basics.

I have personally made many dishes from all the websites and cookbooks below, and without exception they’ve all been successful. Here goes:

  • Danielle Walker is a genius. She has a website called Against All Grain, along with four cookbooks: Meals Made SimpleDelectable Paleo Recipes, Celebrations, and Eat What You Love. I use her recipes for everything, including entrees, breads, baked goods and treats. I serve her food to all guests, whether they are Paleo or not, and always receive raves. Full disclosure. I bought Celebrations and sent it back because of her liberal use of sugar, even in savory recipes. If you are looking for fast and easy recipes, the first two books I listed are the best. The last one is good, but most of the recipes are more involved.
  • Megan Gilmore runs a website called Detoxinista. Most of her site is Paleo, but not all, so you need to be selective. I use her mostly for sauces, baked goods and treats, but many of her entrees look good as well.
  • There is a website called Paleo Leap that I use primarily for entrees. Full disclosure: I think some of their recipes are great, and some are just average, so you will have to judge for yourself. However, it’s a very robust website with many photos, so I use it as much for inspiration as I do for actual recipes. A bonus is most of the recipes are fairly simple.
  • Elana’s Pantry is run by Elana Amsterdam. It contains mostly baked goods and treats, and I like her recipes for two reasons: she’s diligent about testing them, and her focus is on using minimal ingredients. Her magic is in creating recipes that are flavorful, yet simple to make due to the short ingredient list. Her sunbutter brownies are a killer.
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