Paleo in Mexico.

Whenever possible, we stay in a home with a kitchen when we travel. It just makes everything easier. We are currently in a very authentic, non-touristy city in Mexico, which means there are not a lot options for dining out. That’s OK with us because our house has a spectacular view and a wonderful kitchen, so we are happy to eat in. 

We made this concoction last night. It doesn’t really have a name, so let’s just call it Delicious (sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging). It was also very easy. We simply roasted diced zucchini and mushroom in the oven. While the veggies cooked, we put the skillet portion of the meal together, as follows:

  1. We pulled a little meat off a grilled chicken we bought at a road side chicken stand – they are everywhere down here and they turn out the most wonderfully flavored birds. Plus, it’s fun to stop by the side of the road and pick up a chicken – we’re not exactly doing that in Minnesota.
  2. We sauteed the chicken over medium heat for a few minutes just to warm it a bit. Then we cracked four eggs in the pan right on top of the chicken, lowered the heat to low and covered the pan.
  3. We let the eggs slowly cook to our desired doneness, which for us is a little soft in the yolk.
  4. Then we plated the chicken and egg mixture and gave it a Mexican flair by toping it with avocado, tomato, lime, and cilantro. We served the zucchini and mushrooms on the side.

It was delicious, flavorful, Paleo, and came together in less than 30 minutes. The perfect vacation meal. 

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