Last Night’s Dinner.

For those of you interested in the Paleo diet, I thought I’d start posting some of the food I eat in the event I can offer any inspiration.

This is a very simple stir fry. The veggies are: carrots, green beans, mushrooms, zucchini, bean sprouts and bok choy. Resting below the veggies is cauliflower rice. If you can chop and stir veggies, you can make this meal.

These days, my fragile digestive tract is asking for very mildly flavored food, so I kept this simple by leaving out the garlic and onions I would typically use, and incorporated minimal seasonings. The result was a lightly flavored dish. The individual tastes of the veggies really came through, and I had a happy tummy when it was all over. 

Here’s how it came together:

  1. I sauteed the veggies in a little grape seed oil, salt and pepper. I put them in the pan in the order of firmness – most firm first. 
  2. When they were nearly done, I added a small amount of fresh ginger (tastes good, and good for digestion), and a few splashes of coconut aminos (basically soy sauce without the soy and MSG).
  3. After removing the veggies from the heat, I finished them with a few splashes of sesame oil and honey ginger balsamic vinegar, then added a sprinkle of black sesame seeds. I purchase my olive oil exclusively from Stillwater Olive Oil (they ship) because they maintain high standards of purity. Most grocery store olive oil is rancid and contains free radicals, but that’s a post for another day.
  4. The cauliflower rice could not be more simple. I simply chopped half a head of cauliflower into tiny pieces, sauteed them for about five minutes, then added about ¼ water, salt and pepper to the pan, covered and let simmer for about 10 minutes. So flavorful. 
  5. My husband did the scallops on the grill with just a light touch of grape seed oil and salt.

That’s it. Dinner.

Check out the other tabs on my homepage for more information and inspiration about the Paleo Diet.


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