The Good Days Always Come Back. The Good Days Always Come Back. The Good Days Always Come Back. The Good Days Always Come Back.

This is a scene from the evening walk I just enjoyed. The sun is a reflection of how I feel inside at this moment. Happy. Light. Shining through the clouds.

I’m near the conclusion of my third good day in a row. This comes after roughly six weeks of mostly bad days. When I go through a bad spell, I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get back to the good days. I try to stay positive. I look for even the smallest reasons for optimism. But when you don’t feel well, it’s hard to be optimistic, and even harder yet to remember how the good days felt, or have any real hope of them returning.

Then a shift happens, and the sun emerges. Slowly at first, and then all at once. It’s a cliche, but the bad days truly make the good ones that much sweeter. I swim in good days. I have deep gratitude. I am fully aware of every good sensation in my body. More importantly, I’m aware of the bad sensations I’m not feeling. Oh, how good the absence of pain feels.

Days like today fill my soul. They give me strength. They provide internal sunshine. 

I’m grateful beyond words.

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