We are in Business.

The fridge is stocked with everything I need to keep my Lyme-killing-digestively-friendly-diet on track.

I may be on vacation, but Lyme and the other bad bugs that reside in my digestive tract aren’t, so I will continue my assault on them. Over and over and over until they are all gone.

I am pretty tired from all the vacation prep and yesterday’s travel day, and my body is giving me the signals that say it’s time to sit down or break down. I’m physically tired, my brain hurts a little, and simple tasks seem a little daunting.

I’ve been in this movie many times, and have learned how to create a happy ending. It starts with recognizing the signs of exhaustion early and taking immediate corrective action, even if that’s not what I feel like doing. So, today will be a day of rest and repair. Both my body and brain need a breather. I am pretty sure I will be good to go tomorrow if I’m smart about today.

I am blessed that my family is willing to have a quiet day with me, so it’s still going to be a day full of fun, love and laughs.

I can’t ask for anything more.

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