And For Lunch on the Plane I Had……

…….pretty much what I have every day.

Featured here is an organic salad of chicken, tomatoes, green beans, toasted almonds, lettuce and sauerkraut. My “dressing” is sauerkraut juice and Udo’s oil. Sounds gross, but it’s tasty and good for me. Plus every ingredient in my salad helps me heal is some way.

The drink is Kombucha, which helps add good bacteria to my gut so they can do battle with all the bad bacteria and bugs that live there. My doctor wants me to drink a bottle per day, so I made it my mission to find one at the airport, and I was successful.

The tin to the left is important for two reasons. First, it contains Flackers, one of the few store bought packaged items I can eat. Very exciting for me. The tin is also important because it contains coconut oil, which I slather on my Flackers. While my salad gives me the nutrients I need, it doesn’t deliver many calories. That’s where the Flackers and coconut oil come in. Just a few bites contain more calories than my entire salad.

I don’t always carry my own food everywhere, but it just worked out that way today, as I had the perfect amount of leftovers for a single salad. I can make airport food work when I need to, but today, it was just easier to do self service.

Plus, in my life it never hurts to have a cooler along for the ride.


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