Anatomy of a Healing Salad.

My battle with chronic lyme disease involves taking a lot of pills. But diet therapy is is an equally important part of my regimen. Here is what this particular salad is doing for me:

  • Raw Sauerkraut and Sauerkraut juice add beneficial bacteria to my gut. This is important because my gut is overrun with bad bacteria and I need to restore order.
  • Cilantro helps pull heavy metals out of my body. I am carrying lead, mercury and other unwanted metals.
  • Cooked broccoli and cauliflower are dense with nutrients that will help me heal. Also, cooked veggies are easier for me to digest than raw greens.
  • Free range roasted chicken for protein.
  • Udo’s Oil contains the proper blend of the 3 6 and 9 Essential Oils that are critical for optimum health.
  • Olives just because I like them.

All these foods are part of the Paleo Diet, which my doctor has recommended as part of my treatment plan. The Paleo Diet is inspired by the diet our ancestors ate when our digestive tracts were first developed.  The diet favors lean animal protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats over gluten dairy, grains, sugars, and anything artificial or processed. 

It is right for me for a number reasons. 

  1. My body  has a hard time breaking down carbohydrates, and the Paleo diet is a low carb diet.
  2. Lyme disease, along with the bacteria, yeast, and bad gut bugs that currently reside in my digestive tract feed off carbohydrates. Eating a low carb diet helps starve those unwelcome visitors (I call them visitors, as that implies they will be leaving one day).
  3. I am overloaded with toxins, and the Paleo diet emphasizes unprocessed, toxin-free foods, so I am not adding to my toxin burden.
  4. The Paleo diet stresses ample servings of nutrient dense vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats that will help me heal.

I adhere very tightly to my diet, and go to great lengths to maintain it no matter where I am. People often wonder why I’m such a stickler, and can’t imagine how I tolerate the “deprivation” of carbs, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc.

I see it a little differently. The only thing I’m deprived of is my health and my ability to digest normally. So, every time I raise a fork to my mouth, I have a choice. Am I going to feed myself something that will also feed the bacteria that’s making me sick, or am I going to feed myself something that will kill those mothers and help me regain my health?

It’s pretty simple when you look at it that way.

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