I’m Drained.

In a lymphatic way, that is.

Let me explain.

Per an earlier post, my body is seriously bad at detoxing. That means the every day toxins that typically roll in and out of a healthy person’s body tend to stay in mine. A body doesn’t like that.

As a result, my body is host to many unwelcome guests, including: black mold, heavy metals, yeast and bacteria. Sexy, right?

The fact I have chronic lyme disease aggravates my detox issues, and the detox issues make it difficult for me to kick lyme disease. Bad cycle.

So, the toxins need to go. And since they are not leaving on their own, I need to help them.

My doctor recommended I add lymphatic drainage to my detox regimen. Lymphatic Drainage consists of a very light massage around the lymph areas in the neck, under arm and abdominal areas. It was quite relaxing.

Then about an hour later, I knew it worked because I started having a detox reaction, which for me includes nausea, tiredness behind my eyes and a feeling of heaviness throughout my whole body. Basically, I felt like crap, which is actually a good thing in my world. Feeling like crap = toxins leaving.

Here’s where it gets more interesting. My doctor says when I feel detox reactions it’s because my liver is presented with more toxins than it can effectively deal with, so I need to help it out by turning my skin into a second liver. Two ways this can happen are a green clay bath, or a far infrared sauna.

After my massage I went for the bath option because I felt too crummy to drag myself to the sauna. After the bath I applied rosemary essential oil (good for detoxifying) over my abdomen, liver area and the bottoms of my feet (fastest way oils are absorbed).

After all that, I felt infinitely better and was able to resume my day as if nothing happened.

It can get a little frustrating and disruptive to take a toxin-time out in the middle of the day, especially since a toxin storm can strike at any time. But my doctor says it’s critical to take corrective measures at these times because any toxins that are not handled by my liver will be reabsorbed into my body. Not what we’re looking for.

So, the storm has passed, and I’m back in the game.

Until the next storm.

It’s not a matter of if, but when. I will be ready, and I will greet it with gratitude, because it’s a sign my unwanted guests are leaving.

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