Lyme Disease is Really Glamorous.

Don’t I look lovely? Here I am at the infrared sauna this morning. Sorry for the poor quality photo but low light = bad photo. (I’m not wearing make up, so maybe that’s OK.)

Why am I at the sauna?

I am at the sauna because my body is seriously bad at detoxifying. And now you are wondering why that’s important.

Here’s the way my doctor explained it. We are all exposed to toxins every day – in the air, in food, in plastics, etc. Most people are pretty efficient in dealing with them: toxins in, toxins out. 

I’m not one of those people. In my case it’s toxins in, toxins in, toxins in. Not so much on the out.

It turns out the body gets angry when toxins overstay their welcome. It’s probably why I have chronic lyme disease in the first place, and it’s most likely the reason I can’t get rid of it.

The theory is if I can improve my detoxification channels, I will stand a much better chance of getting well. So, I am doing everything I can to show toxins to the door.

The infrared sauna helps me sweat them out. Same goes for green clay baths. My diet helps as well – I try to eat nice and clean so I’m not introducing toxins through food. Additionally, I try to limit toxins in the home, in my beauty products, in cleaning products, and in food storage containers (glass, yes, plastic, no.).

Emotional toxins can have the same negative impact as environmental ones, so I do my best to clear those through talk therapy, meditation and practicing mindfulness. More on all this later.

In the meantime, I’m off to do my toxin free shower/beauty routine.

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