Time For a Change in Scenery.

It has only been two and a half weeks since we relocated to Virginia, but we are heading out on vacation.

That might seem a little crazy, as we are not fully settled yet, but we are leaving for two reasons. First, with all the relocation logistics this has been the summer of madness for us, and we need a break. Second, our daughter is headed off to college in two weeks, and we wanted to be sure to hit the pause button on the moving stuff so we could be sure to spend some quality time together.

I know the family dynamic will never be quite the same once our daughter starts college, so I want to savor every last moment of my “baby” being under our roof full time.

It also turns out this is a very good time for me to be getting away. If you read my previous post you know the adjustment from a city to a very small town is turning out to be exponentially more difficult than I imagined. Honestly, I’m so happy to be leaving.

We are headed to a beach with a Whole Foods nearby, so I will have everything I need. We will be staying in a home with a full kitchen so it will be very easy for me to make my shakes and cook dinner.

I’m more relaxed just thinking about being in a bigger city. It’s easier to breathe.

I’m not exaggerating when I say most of 2018 has been extra chaotic and stressful for me personally and my family as a whole. We are all in need of a time out, and I plan to make this an extremely chill vacation.

I still have two big hurdles looming — dropping my one and only off at college, and figuring out how to be happy in a place that’s not feeling very good to me right now.

But I’m putting all that on hold for the next week. For this week I’m going to try to let go of some of the internal tension that has been collecting this year. I’m going to try to stay in the moment. I’m going to savor my dawn walks and I plan to inhale the sea air. Deeply.

And with luck, as I relax by the sea I will be able to send my stress, worries and anxieties out with the tide.

Oh, how I need that.

#chroniclyme #lyme #anxiety #lymedisease

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