A Good Read and A Liquid Lunch. Surreal and Normal.

Let’s start with the surreal part. This photo is from yesterday as I sat at the gate waiting for a flight. I was reading a book, as were many of my fellow travelers. However, unlike my fellow travelers, I was reading a book written by my husband. His first novel was just published, and I am incredibly proud of him. He is a fantastic writer, and he is getting great reviews on Amazon, so you don’t have to trust my biased opinion.

We are currently in Virginia (his home town) for a big book launch party.

Now, the normal part. The liquid lunch. And don’t I wish it was that kind of liquid lunch. Not so lucky.  If you’ve been following along, you know I’m on a liquid diet because Lyme shredded my digestive tract. While giving up chewing was difficult, the liquid diet is a blessing in a way. It certainly makes travel easier and less stressful.

I used to lose weight every time we went somewhere, and now I maintain. Blessing number one. Traveling is now easier on my family because we don’t have to scavenge for food I can eat, which gives them more options. Blessing number two.

The only downside is I feel like I live my life out of a Mason jar when we travel. At home I drink my shake in a lovely chilled glass. I make a point of resting and relaxing while I sip. When we travel it tends to be more of a grab and go affair. I always seem to be sipping on the fly, and I am pretty much over the Mason jar by the end of the trip.

But, it’s a small price to pay in order to make my world bigger through travel.

I’ll drink to that. (And to my husband, the author).

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