Heels, Hiking Shoes and an Immersion Blender.

Taking my show on the road is never easy. In addition to the blender, I am carrying the following:

Home made Paleo bagels
Packets of coconut butter
“Smoothie Packs” with the dry ingredients for my morning antioxidant, immune building, gut healing smoothie
Sponge for washing the immersion blender
Powders for my evening antioxidant smoothie
Dish soap
Dish towels
Two Mason jars for smoothies
Netti pot
Salt for Netti pot
1 week of supplements, sorted by day (over 100 pills)
Hemp oil
Teaspoons for measuring hemp oil and Netti pot salt
Packets of almond butter
Paleo approved seed crackers
A pill splitter (need to cut some in half due to my inability to tolerate regular doses)
Cup for making smoothies
A small cooler for carrying my evening smoothie when we go out for dinner
Ice packs
Digestive enzymes – two kinds
Home made Paleo baked goods for dessert – the most calorie dense foods I eat all day. Very important.
Thyroid medication

Oh, and I packed some shoes and clothes.

Is carrying all this a pain? You bet.

Would it be easier to just give it a rest for a week? Absolutely.

So, why go through this every time I travel?

Lyme disease never takes a break from making me sick. So I will never take a break from trying to kill it.

It’s like that.

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