I am Impressed With Myself.

I try to take a walk after dinner. It’s good for both the digestion and the soul. Some nights a walk isn’t possible because I am so full and uncomfortable from dinner that I literally can’t move. These nights I make my way to a comfortable chair, and apply my heating pad until the discomfort subsides to the point I can move again.

Other nights, my walk is more like a slow paced stroll. And some nights, when I am in the grip of fatigue, I am moving at about the pace of somebody in a nursing home. 

But not last night. Last night, I was rolling. It was a pace that a normal person in normal health would walk at. Oh my, did that feel good. 

These are the little moments I hang on to. These are the little moments that give me hope. I treasure them, and am grateful for them.

P.S. I don’t think the video does me justice. I am pretty sure I was going faster than it appears.

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