Things I have done to fight Lyme Disease:

$30,000 work up at the Mayo Clinic.

GI specialist in Huntsville, AL.

Over 200 acupuncture sessions.

Vegan Diet.

Paleo Diet. (yes, I see the irony)

Immunologist in New Jersey.

High dose antibiotics.

Specialist in San Francisco.

Books, articles, websites, anything.

Two years with a Lyme-Literate doctor in Minnesota.

Hemp Oil.

Buckets of supplements.

Homeopathy doctor in Pennsylvania.

Homeopathy doctor in Minneapolis.

The Cowden Protocol.


Frequency specific micro current.



Therapeutic massage.


Detox baths.



Far Infrared Sauna.

Castor Oil Packs.

Essential Oils.

Green smoothies.

Second Lyme-Literate doctor in Minnesota.

Thyroid medication.




And I’m not better.

You could look at this list and think I’m a crazy hypochondriac who just likes to try things.

Or you could look at this list and see what happens when Western Medicine denies the existence of an epidemic, leaving people to figure it out on their own.

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